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What if my business website is out of support?

WordPress Care Plans

My business has a WordPress website but the support resource I once had is no longer working for me so what if my business website is out of support? 

Maybe they completed the design and launched your WordPress website but weren’t interested in offering you on-going support, or maybe they lost the contract because they kept increasing their charges to the point you could no longer afford a WordPress Care Plan

Your website isn’t broken though, so you’ve banked a cost saving – or have you?  If your website isn’t maintained it could have out-of-date software running on it that may jeopardise your business – or even put the customers visiting your website at risk.  Hackers find new ways of stealing data, or hijacking websites every day. 

If your website is one of the many business websites out there that isn’t regularly maintained there are many other possible negative outcomes, all of which can damage your business and its reputation.

What WordPress solutions are out there?

What can I do if my business website is out of support

So what if my business website is out of support?

WordPress websites can be maintained by experts swiftly and efficiently – all that’s required is access to your website’s WordPress dashboard.  Armed with an admin admin login a Professional WordPress Service company can provide WordPress Maintenance Services where they regularly login and ensure your WordPress website’s components are fully up-to-date. 

Generally a monthly update is enough but it depends on the nature of your business.  Weekly or even daily monitoring is available and the packages on offer reflect the different needs of client businesses.  Other services such as Uptime Monitoring make sure your website is online and available to your customers – and if it isn’t alerts are issued to your website professional for them to investigate.

What if I need to make changes to my website as well?

Most maintenance packages include a set amount of support resource, which allows time for small changes to simple elements of your website – such as contact details, prices listed for goods or services or updated descriptions of what your business does.  Even with just a basic package offered by these professional service companies you can typically expect enough bundled time each month to make these types of basic change to your website at no additional cost.

The changes I need to make are much more than just a different email address or phone number – what do I do?

If you need major changes to your website – maybe a new page to highlight a new service you now offer – we work alongside a freelance web developer who specialises in WordPress website development. With super reasonable costs compared to the larger players in the WordPress development community, you can be sure you are getting way more than you’re paying for! You only have to look at their Google Reviews to see how trusted they are among past customers.

My previous agency or freelance web designer is the only one with the Admin password

It’s a Disaster – the hundreds, or even thousands, you spent on your original website is lost!  Not necessarily.  Many of its components may be out-of-date but if your website is still up and running its design and content can be re-created, at a fraction of the price you were originally charged.  After all the copyright of your website’s content belongs to you, so why not reclaim it as your own? 

Most websites can be regenerated for a fraction of what they cost to produce.  Once that’s done, and to make sure your website is fully supported and maintained after it rises from the ashes, you would do well to retain the services of a Professional WordPress Service company, such as WPMaint, for on-going support and maintenance.


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WPMaint logo providing Wordpress website maintenance and support